YNJH (영어중등부)

선교적 크리스천 리더를 양성하는 교육부

Ministry Goal

At YNJH, our ministry goal is to create a culture that reflects the spirit of Koinonia – a Godly fellowship that is rooted in the Triune God. As the Spirit of God led the apostles into this Koinonia fellowship in Acts 2:42, so we believe the Spirit of God is leading us into this Koinonia fellowship with God and with our neighbors. Our mission is for every student to experience Koinonia at YNJH, and to continue this way of living as they progress in our Education Department.

Volunteer Info


  1. Joanna Lee
  2. Jaime Bae
  3. Josephine Bang
  4. Sarah Cho
  5. Justine Kim
  6. Josh yang
  7. Benjamin Yoo
  8. Peter Im
  9. Caroline Lee


  1. Michael Yoo
  2. Tim Lee
  3. Jason Choi

Ministry Events

  1. SMT Mexico (7/14-7/21)
  2. Staff Retreat (8/11-8/13)
  3. Summer Retreat (9/1-9/4)
  4. YNJH Open House (10/1/17)
  5. Fall Outing (10/8/17)
  6. Christmas Party (12/8/17)